Sewage truck explosion covers Russian streets in poo water

Dustin Nelson of Thrillist writes that as Forrest Gump once said, “Shit happens.” Monday, it happened all over a Russian street near the Altufyevo subway station in Moscow. The deluge of diarrhea was captured on a dash cam and it’s super unpleasant to watch. In a sudden burst from the back of a sewage truck, liquid-y poop splashes a city bus and a white SUV, then proceeds to pour many, many gallons of the nasty stuff onto the streets. The driver with the dash cam gives a chuckle, and pulls around the sewage truck, driving his car through the puddling fecal water, because what else can you do? The driver of the  sewage truck gets out immediately after his caboose blows open, but who knows what you do at that point. Flee and play stupid? Sewage? In a truck?! Nyet.