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Woman eats 50 cherries at one go, experiences “blood-coloured” poop & faints in toilet

Pui Fun of World of Buzz writes that cherries are an amazing fruit that has lots of nutrients but eating too much of it isn’t a good idea either, as proven by this 32-year-old lady in Chongqing, China.  According to … Continue reading Read More

Australian man experiences thunderclap headaches after eating world’s hottest pepper

I grew up with hot peppers, love them, only thing is I can’t tolerate them. I remember going to these massive Italian weddings when I was younger and my dad used to bring his own hot dried peppers from home, … Continue reading Read More

Woman’s rare eye infection highlights (low) risk of parasite spread by flies

Susan Perry of the Minnesota Post reports an Oregon woman is the first known person to become infected with a tiny parasitic worm that lives in the eyes of cattle, according to a case study report published Monday by researchers at the Centers … Continue reading Read More

Pop-up turkey thermometers can suck

I usually pull the pop-up thermometer out of my bird when I cook it. I’m a digital-tip-sensitive thermometer kind of guy. Last Thursday, while roasting this year’s turkey, I left mine in, as a bit of an experiment for my … Continue reading Read More

Chicken sashimi is risky; and gross

A year ago I was in Japan for a few days and my hosts took me for sashimi every night. I think they thought it was funny taking a food safety nerd for a bunch of raw seafood. I did … Continue reading Read More

Sewage truck explosion covers Russian streets in poo water

Dustin Nelson of Thrillist writes that as Forrest Gump once said, “Shit happens.” Monday, it happened all over a Russian street near the Altufyevo subway station in Moscow. The deluge of diarrhea was captured on a dash cam and it’s … Continue reading Read More

Who knew? India bans silver leaf of animal origin in food items

Sushmi Deyl of The Times of India reports the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has banned the use of any material of animal origin in silver leaf (chandi ka warq), commonly used in confectionaries and sweets like … Continue reading Read More

Music festivals are great; for pathogens too

I was at a kids birthday party recently when a parent familiar with my Canadian heritage mentioned to me that the Tragically Hip’s 2016 tour would be a string of depressing events. Maybe, I dunno. Gord Downie, the Hip’s lead … Continue reading Read More

Good to know one’s limits: UK pub’s chicken wing chilli eating challenge lands cabbie in hospital

A British taxi driver has been rushed to hospital, suffering from severe stomach pains, after eating three chicken wings doused in sauce made from what is thought to be the world’s hottest chilli pepper. Mark McNeil, 36, was hoping to be able to … Continue reading Read More

From the industry sponsored survey files: More paper towels and soap needed in restrooms

Ask a bunch of people about their bathroom habits and you get a bunch of answers. Maybe there’s some truth to the self-reported behaviors. Bradley Corporation the commercial washroom people report in a non-peer-reviewed survey that folks in the U.S. … Continue reading Read More