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Denmark and Sweden hit by norovirus in oysters

Denmark and Sweden are the latest countries to report outbreaks of norovirus linked to shellfish from France. At least 180 people in Denmark are sick since the start of the year and 70 are affected in Sweden, although some of these are thought to have fallen ill after eating Swedish oysters. In France, 1,033 people... Continue Reading Read More

Prominent ND legislator, lobbyist dies of Vibriosis after eating raw oysters in NOLA

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) state director for North Dakota, former State Rep. Ann Kelsch, 58, died Tuesday in a New Orleans hospital. She was an apparent victim of Vibrio vulnificus bacteria from consuming raw or undercooked oysters. Kelsch, who lived in Mandan, ND, was in New Orleans to visit family. She was... Continue Reading Read More

Federal grant funds research to improve safety of oysters on high-priced menus

The USDA has given more than $450,000 for a research project designed to increase the safety of certain commercially farmed oysters from the Gulf Coast that are “bound for the premium half-shell market.” A marine scientist at Auburn University, Bill Walton, is known as one of the driving forces behind the Gulf Coast’s up-and-coming, off-bottom... Continue Reading Read More